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Group Fitness
programs provide fun, education and motivation through expert programming, current music formats with instructors that are trained at the highest level so you get the results you are looking for.  Ready to get started but just not sure how? Contact our Group Fitness Coordinator, Lisa Smith, with your questions and she'll be happy to help you determine the perfect classes for you.


AQUA WORKOUTS: pg-aquafitness

No impact...YES, but that does not mean this class is a breeze. You make the classes as hard as you want in these energetic and fast paced fun classes. Water workouts are held at the Wenatchee High School Pool during the school year and the WRAC Outdoor Pool in the summer.  AQUA ZUMBA (Wednesdays) and AQUA TABATA (Mondays).
Classes are held at the Wenatchee HS Pool during the Fall through Spring months and at the WRAC Outdoor Pool in June through early September. Enter the HS pool through back door located at the end of the Miller Street parking lot.
OUR INSTRUCTORS:  Lisa Smith, Angie Ploch


CARDIO BLAST:  45 minutes of interval training with a focus on athletic movements. 

GENTLE FITNESS:  A fun combination of cardio, strength training and stretching for a full body, low impact workout. 

TOTAL BODY CARDIO:  High intensity cardio conditioning class using a variety of formats and equipment. Full-body, athletic movements designed to burn fat and build endurance. Using steps, circuits, intervals, drills and more.

TABATA:  Ignite your fat burning metabolism and build muscle with short bursts of high intensity intervals.

OUR INSTRUCTORS:  Connie Townsend, Dean Marney, Jennifer Ray, Jackie Andrewjeski, Lisa Heuple, Lisa Smith, Tammi Flynn

 stationary bikes with the latest in technology, teamed with our expert instructors, provide a group setting to push your "rides" to the limit. Our instructors guide y
ou through an exciting imaginary and virtual rides to keep you motivated and coming back for more.  Give a class a try!  All student levels welcome because everyone can work at their own pace. Learn proper cycling technique while getting a great cardio workout.

OUR INSTRUCTORS:   Angie Ploch, Dave Wilson, Tony Sauceda, A.J. Sauceda

 Squat-Salim19048BE AS STRONG AS YOU CAN BE!
RIP:   60-minute barbell program to strengthen all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment. Matching movement to music and using traditional strength training allows participants to work at their own level.

CARDIO RIP:  Integrating cardio intervals with our hour of power weight workout. 

Low impact toning class using a variety of equipment for functional movements designed to train multiple muscle groups, increase stability and build core strength. Using hand weights, bands, medicine balls, stability balls and more.

WEIGHT CIRCUIT:  Group weight room workout which uses a specified time circuit format with our Instructor’s guidance and motivation.

OUR INSTRUCTORS: Darillyn Flones, Dean Marney, Emma White, Jackie Andrewjeski, Lisa Heuple, Rachel Cooper, Tammi Flynn, Connie Townsend 

ACTIVE YOGA: This class will energize, stretch and strengthen all in one!

TOTAL CORE:  Mat-based class that uses a variety of exercises and equipment to strengthen the abdominals, stabilize the spine, shoulders and hips, increase flexibility and improve posture and balance. Stability balls, mini balls, bands, pilates rings, etc. (SAME CLASS, DIFFERENT NAME)

GENTLE YOGA FLOW:  60 minutes of bliss for greater flexibility, strength and balance. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a gentle practice in a supportive environment.

HOT POWER YOGA:  The room is heated and the emphasis is on strength, balance, flexibility and letting go of stress.  

TAI CHI:  This low impact class is based on slow, continuous movement which links mind and body with the breath. Enjoy a relaxing hour of meditative movement and a healing art. (Chinese origin)

VINYASA FLOW:  Strong flowing sequences that build upon previous flows and increase slightly in difficulty. Includes balances.

YOGA:  This class is for all levels and abilities. You’ll gain strength and flexibility as our instructors guide you through different poses.

RESTORATIVE YOGA:  Calm your mind by stretching your body in slow, relaxing floor postures. This is the perfect class for beginners, people working through injuries and those who are looking to balance their busy, often stressful lives.

OUR INSTRUCTORS:  Chip Roberson, Connie Townsend, Courtney Ann Roberts, Dan Smith, Dean Marney, Jamie Ogle, Joyce O'Neal, Lisa Heuple, Niki Stewart 


Juniors (ages 11-14) are led in a variety of workouts using a variety of equipment and exercises. Juniors will learn how to lift safely and appropriate use of strength training facilities! Fee program. 
OUR INSTRUCTOR:  Keith Baier, Personal Trainer; A.J. Sauceda, Personal Trainer

Active after-school programs, SportKidz and Kids Karate, are ready to challenge ages 5-12 with activities from basketball to cycling, yoga, cardio and strength training, racquet sports, triathlon training and the art of Karate. Check for more information and times on current fitness class schedule.
Programs are FREE for Club members.  Available to non-members on punch card program.

OUR INSTRUCTORS:  SportKidz: Dave Wilson, Emma White; Karate:  Sensei, Nick Kummer