Swimming Pool Rules

Updated Summer 2017

Welcome to the WRAC Pool!

Please abide by the following guidelines.

  • Swimming during Pool Hours when Lifeguard is on Duty only.
  • Check-in of Members and guests at Pool Office required.
  • Swimsuits required in pool; no cut-offs.
  • Running or Horseplay on deck is prohibited.
  • Cleansing shower is required before entering pool.
  • Open wounds are not allowed in pool.
  • Pool use by those who have been ill with diarrhea or vomiting within past 2 weeks is prohibited.
  • Diaper changing tables in locker rooms are provided for this purpose. Tight-fitting protective covers are required over diapers worn in pool.
  • Always be aware of other swimmers and those diving from pool edge.
  • Front dives in deep end and feet first jumps in shallow end are allowed; no backward dives, flips and belly flops in the shallow end allowed.
  • Oversized inflatables which can potentially block the lifeguard’s view of pool bottom are not allowed, i.e. air mattress and inner tubes.
  • Hard balls such as footballs, tennis balls and volleyballs are not allowed in pool.
  • Hanging by feet/legs on the wall is not allowed.


  • TOYS...You are welcome to bring your own water toys.
  • WRAC water toys and instruction platforms are teaching aids for use by instructors. These are not made available other than during classes with the following exceptions:
  • Noodles are available during Rec. Swims.
  • Noodles and Kickboards are available during Lap Swims. If you do not see one available on the deep end deck, please ask guard to provide one for you.
  • Red Instruction Platforms may be placed in water ½ hour prior to evening swim lessons and may remain in the water for ½ hour after lessons for parents to use with their children. The platforms will be only be available when number of shallow end swimmers allows. Appropriateness of this will be determined by lifeguard on duty.
  • Blue Platforms are available for one-on-one use with a child by an adult. Platform must be checked out from the lifeguard and adult is to with child at all times during it’s use as well as be responsible for removing it from water when done using it.
  • LAP SWIM is available during scheduled times utilizing all lanes.
  • One lane of Lap Swimming may be used until there are 15 or more swimmers for Rec. Swim, at such time, lane rope shall be removed and full pool use for Rec. Swim.


  • Jump into the deep end.
  • Swim with a proficient stroke (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, or butterfly) to blue rope.
  • Tread water for 1 minute.
  • Swim to the nearest side of the pool and climb out without use of the ladder.
  • Pass = Full pool use.
  • No Pass = Shallow water pool use only where person can touch, flat-footed, with their head above water.

Rules Specific for Children Ages 6 and Under:

  • Children MUST be accompanied by a responsible party in the pool area at all times.
  • With successful completion of swim test, children may swim without a responsible party in the water supervising them.
  • Without successful completion of swim test, children are limited to shallow end use only within an arm's reach of a supervising responsible party at all times or wearing a proper fitting U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest (no water wings allowed).
  • Please assist our staff to keep the pool safe and enjoyable for all.

Enjoy Safely.