“When we moved to Wenatchee 21 years ago, one of the first things we did was to join the WRAC! My then 4 year old, Jordan and 9 year old, Tyler learned to play tennis and enjoyed the pool. Later Jordan played on the Eastmont Tennis Team. About then, I became involved in Tennis and love it to this day! Learning a sport “later in life” has been challenging and fun. Thanks to great instruction, I’ve been able to enjoy competition and camaraderie fully. My adult sons and I remember our early years at the WRAC with fondness. I’m happy to say we often play tennis together now.  It truly is a life long sport. It’s been my pleasure to have been a WRAC member for 21 years!”  BARBARA SANDUM, MEMBER SINCE 1990

“(The WRAC) It’s a well managed, friendly club with very good facilities. Great place to exercise!”  - DAVE AND SUSAN WEBER, MEMBERS SINCE 1975

“It’s (the WRAC) awesome staff and pleasant atmosphere, family friendly and lends itself as hospitable as well as seriously and professionally all about fitness. Community minded- honors the elderly with dignity and strives to maintain on the cutting edge of fitness.” - DARILYN FLONES, MEMBER SINCE 2006

“The WRAC is so close to my house, it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.  There have always been so many classes to choose from, which is nice. I like the fact that we are all part owners” - ANGIE PLOCH, MEMBER SINCE 2004

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean and convenient facility.”- MARY ANN MCNAIR MEMBER SINCE 1982

“The WRAC is family to me.” - JOYCE O’NEAL, MEMBER SINCE 1988

"Great facilities and friendly staff. They also have a wonderful, experienced massage team- I just had an amazing massage from Dixie and feel so much better than I did before I went in! Thank you!" - TIFFANY VAN RHEENEN, MEMBER SINCE 2014

"One of the best decisions of my life was to take part in a challenge at the WRAC, I liked it so much I became a member! There is a little something for everyone." - MARYLIN YOUNG, MEMBER SINCE  2016

"The WRAC is not only an amazing place to workout but also meet people. The staff is the best! So helpful and encouraging. Nothing but positive!" - JANA ROY, MEMBER SINCE 2004