Membership Policies

INFORMATION UPDATED 4/2017  -  NOTE:  All fees are subject to wsst,   

Members check-in at front desk or in outdoor facility office by entering name or number. Guests register at desk upon entering club and pay appropriate fee (wsst in fee).

  • Tennis:     $15        
  • Fitness, Racquetball, Squash:  $12
  • Juniors (17 & under) all activities:     $ 8       
  • Pool:     $ 7 / Ages 5 through adult;   $4 / Ages 4 & under 
    Guest must be accompanied by a current member to go to the pool. 


  • LOCKER RENTAL: $5, 6, 7 or $8 / month  *Prices based on locker size          
  • SHOWER TOWEL RENTAL:  $1.50 each ; $15 / month unlimited per individual 
  • RACQUET DEMO PROGRAM: $5 / day – Demo fees may be applied towards purchase of any racquet through the club up to a maximum of $30.  
    Rates for Non-Club Member Children:  $4/hr. for the 1st child, $3.50/hr. for 2nd child of the same family (no wsst)
  • BALL MACHINE RENTAL:  $6 (1/2 hr.); $9 (3/4 hr); $12 (1 hr.); $18 (1.5 hr.
    Unlimited Use Plans: 3 months: $75/Individual,  $99/Family;  6 months: $120/Individual, $156/Family;  1 year: 180/Individual, $234/Family 

     Reservations may be scheduled up to one week in advance and any time within that week via, by phone or in person beginning at 7:30 a.m. See full reservation policy sheet posted on this website or on the online court reservation website.

     Tennis Court reservations can be made for 1.25 or 1.5 hours (changes seasonally)
     Outdoor Tennis Courts, #2-5, have lights for play until 10:30 p.m., April 1st through October 31st (weather permitting).  It is important to actually turn off switch for court lights when done playing, even if lights have turned off automatically.
     Racquetball/Squash/Pickleball reservations can be made for 1 hour.  Squash play requires reservation on Court 1.  Pickleball requires open specified gym times.


  • Ages 12 and under are not allowed in sauna.
  • The weight room is available to ages 11 and older, but ages 11-15 are required to complete the Jr. Lifter’s Club Badge training program before being eligible to use weight and/or cardio equipment.  Lifter Badge must be worn by those users ages 11-15 whenever they are in weight room. Schedule Jr. Lifter Training with Front Desk Staff or Personal Trainer.  $15 Training Fee; $10 Badge Replacement fee
  • Water bottles with lids are permitted in activity areas and tennis courts.  Food must remain in lobby areas.
  • Shoes worn on the indoor tennis courts and hardwood floors must be clean and non-marking; not worn outside.
  • Eye guards are mandatory equipment for racquetball and squash play.
  • Swimsuits may not be worn other than in sauna and pool areas in the club.
  • Workout clothing and clean-soled, closed-toed, shoes required in weight room.


Completion of a Status Change form is required for the following types of membership information changes:

  • Name changes
  • Home or e-mail address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Upgrade or downgrade in membership typeAdding or stopping rental services such as lockers or towels
    • Upgrade of membership requires payment of difference between membership joining fees of current level and the level of upgrade.
  • Adding or removing family members to membership.
    • Children/Dependents on a family membership become ineligible to be on family membership at age 23 but are eligible to convert to a membership of their own with no initiation fee required. 


  • Membership requires e-mail address for delivery of account statements and club mailings * (see below).
  • Membership Statements are sent at the beginning of each month for current month's dues, as well as house account charges from previous month.                                                                    
  • Account payments may be made via electronic checks (EFT), cash, check or credit card* (see below).
    Note: Convenience fee of $3.50/month will be charged when...Member account payments are made by credit card or when member requires monthly statements and club mailings be sent via USPS.
  • Membership account payment must be received at the club by the 25th of the month.
  • Accounts with past due balance as of the 26th, will be charged $15 Late Charge. 
  • Accounts with returned payments for Non Sufficient Funds will be charged $20 fee.
  • Accounts 30 days past due may be Suspended.
  • Accounts 60 days past due may be Terminated.
  • Collection of past due accounts are subject to allowable court attorney fees, collection fees and other expenses will applied as permitted by law.


  • $50 Inactive Status fee is required to place membership on “Inactive”. 
  • “Inactive” requires absence from club use for a minimum of two months.
  • “Inactive” relieves member from payment of monthly dues during this period.
  • When member reactivates within 3 months, 100% of the fee will be applied to dues in reactivation month. 
  • When member reactivates after 3 months but before the end of 12 months, 50% of the fee will be applied to dues in reactivation month. 
  • If member chooses to not reactivate within 12 months, membership will be terminated, 100% of the fee will be forfeited and appropriate joining fees will be required upon return to the club. 
  • Maximum of one “Inactive” period is allowed per calendar year. 
  • “Inactive” request form must be completed and submitted to the club by the end of the current month to be effective for the following month. “Inactive” can NOT be applied retroactively.  Note:  Members paying dues through a Corporate Membership Program are required to complete and return form to the club no later than the 10th of current month for status change to be effective the following month.
  • Conditions for Inactive Status:
    • Medical or Injury- Physicians note may be required for inactive status of longer than 3 months.
    • Non-Resident- Two month minimum leave of absence from Wenatchee Valley.


  • Membership termination requires completion of Member Cancellation Notice at the club.  Termination will be effective at end of the current month when notice is received prior to end of month.When notification of termination is received after end of month or 10th of month for corporate members, termination will be effective at end of the following month.
  • Corporate membership termination requires completion of Member Cancellation Notice prior to the 10th of the month to be effective at the end of the month.
  • Members are responsible for full month of current dues and house account balance. 

INVOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP Termination or Suspension
If a member’s conduct on club premises, in the reasonable opinion of management, causes harm to the club or members; or is in violation of any club policy herein or posted; or is found guilty of theft, vandalism or unauthorized use of any club’s or member’s property, they may be suspended or terminated and appropriate criminal charges may be filed.

  • Member Terminated Involuntarily is liable for all dues accrued at time of termination and will not be allowed to rejoin the club without prior management approval.
  • Suspended Member is excused only from payment of dues accrued during time of suspension. 
  • Appeal may be made to the Board of Directors for membership reinstatement.